Finally, the tool your sales team needs

Stun Sells creates a whole new system for delivering winning sales content. It provides real tools for closing the deal – not gathering email addresses and phone numbers (although it can do that too).


Your own sales app customised for you

With Stun Sells you get your own sales app that is customised for you by the talented team at Stun. Everything is consistent with your brand and style guides from the interface to the material contained inside. Our digital sales toolkits work on any device.

Everything in one place

All your sales material from slides to brochures, from price lists to videos is in one place, sitting on your sales app. All of it accessible instantly for your sales team. There’s no hunting for information anymore.

Here’s how a tool kit might look.



You can now measure how your sales team are doing with Stun Sells. Get insights into what tools they are using and when. Track what material is being sent to clients from the Stun Sells toolkit. See what’s hot and what’s not all in real time. These isn’t just fancy words and pictures, they’re real tools that can be tracked and measured.

Updated instantly

As soon as something changes, you can update it and the change is made instantly for every sales team member wherever they are. There’s no more worrying about who has an outdated product list or old information. It’s always current. It’s also fresh for your client; they don’t have to look at the same old stuff they saw last time.


Designed for maximum impact

Every part of your Stun Sells toolkit is designed by the team at Stun. A team that has dedicated itself to making outstanding sales content. We’re presenters too so we know what combination of words and design will leave your customers more than just impressed; it’ll have them buying!