Forget Loyalty Points. Give your consumers fun and prizes instead.


Everybody has an app these days. From your gas station to your dog groomer, and every one of them is screaming for attention. If your app isn’t rewarding and fun, it will get ignored.

Stun SalesTech is a customer loyalty platform that lets you create an app that is both rewarding and fun for your consumers. Get in touch today to find out how the Stun SalesTech platform can turn your customers into fanatics.


A fun way to build loyalty

Old fashioned loyalty points programs stopped working years ago. Today’s consumers want their loyalty rewarded instantly.


Share the love

Stun SalesTech’s apps enable your customers to easily share the fun they are having at your stores through their social channels. That’s called organic reach. 


Get to know your customers

You get to find out who they are, so your communication with them is richer.
No more wasting your time or theirs.


Created by marketing masters

Stun, the team behind the platform aren’t just nerds who make apps. We’re nerds who make apps and create great marketing programs for brands around the world.