Where people look in an elevator is important to understand how to make presentations interesting.


Long title, right? But it got your attention and you’re reading this. Now ask yourself this: Have you ever been in an elevator with other people and looked up? Chances are you have and you’ll probably know that if you look at something everyone else will too. 


Because humans are hard-wired to be curious and interested in things. That inbuilt curiosity is what helped us to avoid stampeding mammoths once upon a time. It’s a little bit of handy herd instinct. It’s known as the Social Curiosity Driver. 

You can make it work for you. The more interested and engaged in the topic you appear, the more people will want to know about it. 

If the subject of your presentation bores you, find someone else to present who loves it. Even if they’re not as senior as you.  And if you can’t find that someone, ask yourself the question; “is anyone interested?”.

Because that may be the most important tip to making a boring presentation interesting – put yourself into the heads of your audience. Remember that there are a lot of them and only one of you. 

That ratio tells you two things - they are the most important part of the presentation equation and… they outnumber you. Appear interested and they will become more interested. Give them something that’s actually interesting and you’ll keep them hooked. 

How do you keep them interested? We’ve got some tips here.


Humans create awe with humanity: Honesty. Story. Vulnerability. Truth. Humour. And information the audience has not seen or heard before. We create awe by showing people who we are and relaying something deeply personal and very exciting to support our message. It can be about us, the service we provide or the product we offer. But it must be delivered with truth and emotion to even begin to be awesome. The effort you put in to creating awe in the first 90 seconds of your presentation will be the difference between success or failure.  

Stun creates presentations and videos designed to initiate an emotional response from your audience. We aim to get as close to awe as we can. And what our clients will allow us to! 

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