Your secret weapon is the water jug

Whether it's by accident or on purpose, visiting a client to make a pitch removes control and power from the presenter. Coming to their place, waiting in their reception, looking at their six-month-old "Cost Accountancy Monthly" magazines and then waiting again while "Melissa just finishes an important call" takes control away from you. It makes you passive.  

Simple hospitality can help you take back control and create positive energy. Even before you crack open your killer presentation.

The thing about hospitality is that it comes from the host, the person who owns the space. And it’s an active thing. You’re no longer sitting there and receiving. By making sure everyone has water, is sitting comfortably and knows how long your pitch will take, you’re doing things that set the tone and the agenda of the meeting. You take some ownership and control.

It’s also something that changes up the process. One principle of improvised theatre is to “break the routine” – by breaking an established pattern you get attention, create energy and action. It’s a little unexpected but also hard to disrupt, what sort of person will go “No – I will not accept your water – because I should pour it?” Only a psychopath.


Making sure people are comfortable, hydrated and ready are all nice things to do and they work in your favour. Comfortable people concentrate better. If they are sitting in the best position to see and hear, it’s good for you. 

Too often, we just drift into a presentation without doing everything we can to maximise our success. Wait where we're told to wait, sit where we're told to sit, plug into what they have offered us and start when the client's ready.

We think the best product or price will be enough.

But if Dave is uncomfortable, or Melissa comes in after her important call and has forgotten her water bottle, or everyone thinks you're just the same as the last five pitches they've seen - none of your features and benefits matter. 

That's why the water jug is your secret weapon.


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