Everything your sales team needs to win.


Your sales team is awesome. But if they are using the same sales techniques as everyone else, they’ve got no competitive advantage.

Brochures and DIY slides are the same thing everyone is using to bore their customers. 

Here’s why Stun Sells makes digital sales toolkits that change everything:


High Impact

All your content is beautifully designed and expertly crafted with the latest techniques to amaze your clients.


Paperless Paradise

Stun Sells make digital sales toolkits which work on every device.


Single Source of Truth

Your Stun Sells Digital Sales Toolkit instantly updates from a single point to anywhere in the world. No more rogue or outdated versions.



You can see how your team are using their kit, what content is working and what they’re sharing with their customers. You can even see what those customers are doing with the information you’ve shared.


Everything in one place

No more fumbling for the right piece of material. Now your team has everything they need to sell as soon as they walk in the door.


Create sales superheroes

When your team know they have everything they need, they’ll feel super confident. When they have a tool unlike anything the competition has, they’ll feel 10 feet tall. 

Stun knows sales 

We have gathered knowledge and expertise from across the planet and applied it to craft sales content that connects with customers.

Stun has been helping companies like BP, Vodafone and Ricoh deliver winning sales presentations for years now. They love our approach because everyone is on the same page, performance can be analysed and our digital toolkits do the business of winning new business.

Stun Sells is powered by Showcase

Showcase is the award-winning platform that delivers Stun Sells. No matter how big your sales team is and no matter where they are in the world Showcase delivers your beautiful, highly effective sales content to them in real time on any device. 

Stun creates the content and Showcase delivers it – a winning combination.


Here’s what our customers have to say: