What will this cost, guys?

We’re all about transparency here at Stun. While your Digital Sales Kit will be completely designed for you (and your bill will reflect that), here is a guide to what it might cost. For now, remember to factor in what you spend on print, couriers and the time your sales team wastes drafting up their own slides.


Deep Dive Discovery

We get into the weeds of what you’re selling, who it’s for and what the nuggets are. It takes 2 – 3 hours with you. And then we get busy.

$1,850 + TAX


Your story in 60 seconds

Get the meeting started with a bang. Who you are, what you offer, and why it’s unbelievably good – all in a 60 second motion graphic extravaganza.

$4,900 + TAX


The Power Pitch

Eye-popping slides that support the story your sales team tell. They’re not to be read aloud. Your audience can probably read without being read to.

50 slides @ $90 + TAX per slide


Set up

Architecture, design, assembly and some snazzy visual animation to make your toolkit sing.

$5,500 + TAX


Optional Maintenance

First class management of your Sales Toolkit to keep the whole project humming and on track.

$2,490 + TAX per month required