Video storytelling that gets results


Video is everywhere, from your social media pages to your online directory listings. People expect to get their information through video. Your video must tell your story in a way that makes people want to watch it to the end – more than once.

Stun Studios knows how to get your message across by making it punchy, creative and relevant.


The perfect style to fit the audience

Whether we work with live action, motion graphics or a combination of the two, we’ll give you options that offer the best bang for your budget.

Stun Studios can nail projects regardless of size; you want a one-off explainer video? Sure. A multi-episode web-series? Done.


Video that sells

We’re not about pretty pictures that serve no purpose. You’re investing in video to sell. Our videos do just that. They just happen to look amazing too.

At Stun Studios, we create video content that drives sales or delivers your message. We bring a whole lot of strategic thinking to make sure your message hits the mark.


Getting to the heart of your story

We don’t throw the kitchen sink at video. Long is boring. The best videos have a simple message. If you want details, get the book. We make sure your Stun Studios video does the basics outstandingly well.

A Discovery Session sets your video project for success. It’s a talkfest with real purpose. By finding out about you, your message and your audience, we’ll make sure your video hits the mark with no wasted seconds or dollars.