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our clients become outstanding


Whether you’ve got an important presentation to make or need a complete overhaul of your sales process, we’re up for the challenge.

We use smarts, creativity and experience combined with a splash of technology to help our clients become outstanding. 

Humans are fascinating, even the boring ones. Learning what makes humans tick, what makes people pay attention and how to hold it is something Stun is always exploring. We combine the human attention science with the creativity of riveting storytelling, and we put that to work. For you.

Find out how we can make you and your business be outstanding. Get in touch right now. We’re in NZ, Canada, North America and Europe, so someone will be awake.

Taking care of the planet

We love digital communications. They make sense; they fit perfectly with the direction technology is taking, they are cost effective and they do their bit to help the environment. Just like we are.

Top tips from the team

We could include quirky bios. But that’s same same. Instead everyone is sharing their top tip to help you reach greatness. Here’s the outstanding folk who deliver all the awesomeness to our clients all over the world.


Adam Blackwell

Founder, CEO and US Business Development

“The latest technology isn’t enough to make audiences sit up and take notice. You need cutting edge design and story craftmanship to back it up.”


Millie Blackwell

Tech Partnerships Director

“Using a tablet during your presentation will make you look very smart and clever. Pro tip: Make sure you’ve charged it the night before and closed down YouTube before you walk into the Boardroom. Charging cables and the fact you were catching up on highlights from The Real Housewives will definitely have a way of undermining your credibility.”


Greg Ellis

Creative Director and NZ Business Development

“The best person to present to an audience is the person with the greatest knowledge and passion. Just because you are the Senior Vice-President doesn’t mean you are best for the job.”


Andrew Harbott

Head of Design

“Less is more when it comes to design, think it about it from a viewer’s point of view and what you want them to take in.”


Grant Williams

Video and Animation Design Director

“Preparing a decent script storyboard will save you (and me) hours of work in the long run.”


Peter Blackwell

Project Production Manager

“If you’ve got something to sell or communicate, just say it. Keep it simple. Do it once. Do it right.”


Kevin Spiro

Digital Production Manager

“Want to know who’s talking about your business online? Use GoogleAlerts to get notifications on anyone who mentions your business’s name on Social Media, Blog Posts, Forums or anywhere else online!”


Ryan Molan

Web and Graphic Designer

“Your audience doesn’t need your entire story on one slide; that’s where your charismatic presenting chops come in.”


Phonam Gatela-Garcia

Senior Slide Designer

“Don’t be afraid of white spaces. It’s not always wise to bombard the audience with too much information.”


Anushka Mudunkotuwa


“An important ingredient in making anything look professional is clear, consistent design. Just because something looks cool doesn’t mean you need to include it on the screen or the page.”