It all starts with a Discovery Session 

We sit down with you to find out all about your business. 

Who you are. 

What you want. 

Who your audience is. 

What they want. 

There might be a whiteboard involved, there will be lots of listening face but no trust falls. Those are weird. Stun doesn’t do weird.

We do what’s necessary to find out what we need to offer you great suggestions to your problems. 

We’ll be honest. And only suggest things we think get results. 


No surprises quoting 

Because surprises in the final bill suck, we’ll give you the costs up front. And a timeline so you are aware what to expect. 

Once you’ve decided what you like, we’ll get to work. 


Working for you 

The quote we give you covers a round of changes. And if anything else comes up during the process, we’ll give you the cost before we do it. 


Done and dusted 

At the end of your project,  we give you a product that is good to go. We can also help train you and your team to use what we’ve created. That’s all about making sure you be outstanding. (Agencies who dump and run? That’s not us. Even calling ourselves an ‘agency’ makes us feel a bit queasy.)