Stun SalesTech FAQs

What are the main features of the app?

You can find a full list of features here

Can we add a custom feature to the app?

Yes – though it will come at an additional cost. Let us know what feature you’d like added in and we’ll figure out the best way to incorporate it.

How long will it take to until the app is built and live?

It depends on how many features you wish to put into the app. Generally, it will take about two weeks to compile the app and push it live to the iOS and Android stores.

Can we add new features to the app once it’s live?

Yes, adding a new feature into the app is easy. You just follow these steps:

  1. Tell us your idea of the new feature you want added in.

  2. We’ll discuss this with you to fully understand what you are trying to achieve with the new feature and work to figure out the best way to achieve that goal.

  3. We’ll then scope out the feature, creating wireframes of user flow, process documents, graphic mockups, a timeline to build it and the cost. We will send this all to you for approval.

  4. Once approved, we’ll start building the new feature in, test it, then submit to the iOS/Android app stores.

  5. The feature will then go live in the app stores so users can download the new update.

What are the features of the management platform?

The management platform has a large number of features. The main features include:

  • Update the instant and grand prizes within the app.

    • Images, barcodes, descriptions, quantities.

  • Update the background and sponsorship graphics within the app.

  • Send out push notifications and coupons to users.

  • Manage the stores where the app works.

  • Receive basic analytic reports.

  • Edit the winning odds.

  • Much more.

Do we need any technical knowledge to manage the platform?

No! The management platform is very user-friendly and built specifically for people without a technical background. We will take your team through an in-depth training session to ensure you’re 100% comfortable with the platform.

Can Stun Sales Tech manage the management platform for us?

Yes! We can completely manage the platform for you for $10k a month. Get in touch with us for more information.

Can we test the app before we purchase it?

Yes, you can certainly test out the app before purchasing it! We’ll send you a custom branded version of the app to download on your phone that includes all available features. We’ll activate the app in your office, and let you try out the management platform so you get the full experience.

What devices does the app work on?

The app works on all mobile smart phones! We recommend setting a minimum OS to ensure users have the best experience. If you want to test the app, just get in touch

Can I change the design/branding of the app?

Yes, this can easily be done from the management platform and does not require an app update.

How do we activate the app in our stores?

You simply add a list of your stores to the platform. This can be done via one large upload of your store’s addresses, or one by one if activating a new store.

How do we integrate the app with our POS system?

You don’t need to! We will create barcodes that are scannable with your POS system from a mobile device. Purchases are tracked as per usual in your system.

Will we need any specialized IT systems on site?

No! We can use your current POS system, and nothing else is needed. Set-up is easy and pain free!

What security measures are in place to prevent against hacking?

We use AWS cloud security to ensure we have the top level of protection against hacks and an end to end security system from the codebase to the servers.

The codebases are drawn from GitHub using their highly trusted security systems.

We use vulnerability reporting to find any potential weaknesses in the system and proactively apply security patches to strengthen them. We use HTTPS to secure the API endpoints, preventing anyone interfering with the transfer of data between the app and server.

We also present new updates and patches outside of our regular maintenance SLA for you to decide whether you’d like to implement them.

Finally, we have a tight internal protocol and security system for keeping passwords and sensitive information secure.

What security measures are in place to prevent cheating?

We have advanced methods of tracking potential cheat attempts that we monitor closely. We also have several security measures in place to stop cheap attempts in the first place. These measures include:

  • Animated ‘win’ screens with a time and date stamp so users can’t take a screenshot or video and attempt to redeem the same prize twice.

  • Scratches and prizes are attached to each users device rather than their account to stop users from creating multiple accounts and getting multiple prizes/scratchers.

  • Tracking what grand prizes users win, and when they’ve won them in the backend allows us to easily track grand prize fraud.

  • We can track if cashiers are giving away prizes that have not been won in the backend of the system.

Will we get reporting provided to us?

Yes, we will provide either basic or in-depth analytic reports based on your plan.

This will include data such as: app downloads, app trends, usage level and retention rates. We can add advanced analytic tracking if you require more in-depth numbers.

What types of prizes can we put into the app?

This is completely up to you!

Based on our customer surveys and app reviews, we suggest free items that bring in additional ROI. For example, giving away a free coffee often leads to the purchase of a donut and cookie.

Having a grand prize is a huge driver for the success of a promotional campaign. A TV, Game Console or iPhone works great to give users the feeling of a potential big win.

BOGO or ‘$x’ off prizes are best avoided, as while they’re cheap to offer up, they don’t convert much in terms of ROI. They can be used as ‘filler’ prizes, but we recommend avoiding these when possible.

How do we get people to download the app? Can Stun Sales Tech help us with this?

Yes, we can certainly help create a full marketing plan to launch and grow the app. We can also provide graphic and video design work.

Why is an app better than our paper or website coupons?

For several reasons including:

  • The mobile scratch card (MSC) uses no continuous paper resources.

  • The MSC can track user behavior through analytics.

  • The MSC can be a channel of communication, sending all users an important message at once. (this is like a very targeted TV commercial). These also act as reminders to all users who have downloaded the app.

  • The MSC is more fun and engaging (mini-games, music, tier levels)

  • The MSC gives users more incentive to check-into the stores more often.

  • The MSC has tier levels that get customers excited to become a more loyal customer.

  • The MSC has a big potential to expand into something bigger (i.e. loyalty program or pay via app)

  • The MSC can be opened at any time as users always have their phone on them. Paper often gets lost.

  • Mobile apps are much more robust than responsive websites. Many of the core features of the app would not be useable in a website.

  • Users download a mobile app and it’s always on their phone. They don’t need to remember to visit a website or clip a coupon.