Our prices

Video is eye-wateringly expensive, right? Wrong.

We like to be upfront about our costs so there aren’t any surprises. Except the one at the end when you play your video. And that’s a good one.


A Discovery Session

The process begins with one of these. We work out who you are, what you’re selling and who your audience is. Then we come up with a comprehensive brief.



Your story in up to 90 seconds

We’ll combine our storytelling expertise with some outstanding motion graphics to create a video extravaganza that hits the mark.



If you want it longer

Do you really? 

Modern media consumption has trained us to process things in tiny bites. Unless we’re bingeing Netflix. In most cases, we can get the job done in 90 seconds or less. If it needs to be longer, we’ll let you know how much that costs.


Other goodies

3D animation, live action, interviews, testimonials and special elements all cost a bit more. We’re happy to include them in a quote for you, so call us and we’ll work it through.